Firewatch's Campo Santo reveals its new game: In the Valley of Gods


According to the game's official website, In the Valley of Gods is a single player first-person adventure game set in the Egyptian desert during the 1920's.

Firewatch, Campo Santo's previous game, was nominated for four categories at last year's The Game Awards, including Best Narrative and Best Independent Game.

From the trailer, we gather that this another adventure and interpersonal title that delves deep into the story of the player character.

We're now developing the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with any potential future platforms yet to be determined. We learned what's next for Campo Santo, the Firewatch developer.

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"In the Valley of Gods" isn't a direct sequel to "Firewatch", but it's a bit of a spiritual successor. Campo Santo said that the game is expected to release on Mac, Linux and Windows PCs.

If you're curious about what the song playing in the trailer is, it's called "Muddy Waters" by LP.

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