DC Movie Producer Jon Berg Exits Warner Bros., Joins Roy Lee Banner


The Warner Bros. film executive in charge of production on the studio's DC superhero films is stepping down after the disappointment of the big-budget movie "Justice League", in the latest shake-up related to the blockbuster franchise. This has prompted the studio to rethink the DC Extended Universe and their first course of action is replacing Jon Berg. Berg will instead be working alongside producer Roy Lee of films like The Lego Movie and It.

Berg is credited as an exec producer on hit Wonder Woman, which has pulled in over $800 million at the box office, as well as the upcoming Aquaman standalone.

It sounds like Warner Bros. may need a whole separate disc containing Deleted Scenes when it comes to the Bonus Material that could be included in the Blu-ray release of the "Justice League" movie. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich said in a statement.

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Naturally, hearing this from Hecker will only increase fans' desires for a Snyder cut, which could result in Warner Bros. putting out a new version of the film down the line.

Furthermore, sources close to Variety have said that Emmerich is "weighing the idea of further integrating DC's film operations" into the main movie arm at Warner Bros. Warner Bros. does continue to have a production deal with Snyder, so it's possible he could direct additional films for the studio. The film was meant to be DC's answer to Marvel's "Avengers", uniting the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman under the banner of a team of world-saving superheroes. Up to this point, DC Films has mostly worked autonomously from the larger WB umbrella - not unlike how Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm work at Disney - but that could change by January as well. Warner Bros. reportedly believes that there is only one redeeming quality of Justice League: the introduction of the Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) to the silver screen. Time Warner is said to be frustrated that Warner Bros. leaders continued to bring the director back, especially after "Batman v Superman" was excoriated by critics even though it made money.