Cold rain, some wintry weather possible Friday


Temperatures will be cooling down to the lower 30s tonight, making it cold enough for any moisture to turn over to snow/sleet.

While the excitement of snow falling from the sky is very possible late Friday night into Saturday morning, the recent warm weather and mild ground temperatures will result in very little accumulation on the ground.

Pedestrians stroll past Jones Hall in the rain on Wednesday as a cold front barged into Houston, making it feel more wintry. This means rain will begin to mix with snow and this could cause traveling to become more hard.

However, no frozen accumulation is expected, and the roads will remain above freezing.

IMPACTS: Wet roads are a near certainty, but icy travel remains unlikely except for areas where snow actually accumulates. Cloud cover will start to move out a bit by the evening leaving us partly cloudy.

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Take caution while driving as some bridges and overpasses could develop patches of ice overnight while temperatures dip below freezing across the South Plains. Highs will be in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Temperatures are expected to remain just above freezing while the snow falls, which will prevent significant accumulations, but some light accumulations will be possible primarily on grassy and elevated surfaces. For most of us, this will be a cold rain. The air is too dry over the northern third of the state for any meaningful precipitation tomorrow, and the low levels will be too warm for snow tomorrow across southeast Alabama.

A stout cold front passed through Acadiana this afternoon.

The great weather will continue next week with more sunshine and little to no chance for rain. Daytime highs will only reach the mid 40s.

The models are still not completely sure of how much we will see in the form of frozen precipitation. Temperatures through the day will hover around 35 degrees. It will be a welcoming sight after all of the rain, and cloudiness we have had recently.