Breath of the Wild - The Champions' Ballad DLC Available Now


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second expansion called The Champions' Ballad finally has a release date and it's sooner than you think.

Champions' Ballad will expand the story of the four champions in Breath of the Wild - Revali, Mipha, Daruk, and Urbosa. "You must rise today", the trailer description on YouTube reads.

"The Champions' Ballad" will be available tonight, December 7, for Nintendo Switch and Wii U as part of Breath of the Wild's Expansion Pass. "The exhilarating adventure continues!" Completing those will unlock a new machine that will serve as a companion to Link. Among other things shown were a series of new outfits, including Twilight Princess enemy Zant.

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But, what we weren't expecting was the Master Cycle Zero, a Divine Beast that Link can ride around Hyrule.

We also know that the DLC will still allow you to play as Link even though Zelda and the champions will be the primary focus of the narrative.

We'll keep an eye out for the DLC going live; are you excited about this?