Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal confronted Priyank Sharma in BB House


On December 7, however, the fights were replaced with tears, as the spouses and parents of the inmates came to visit them. During this period, the inmates had to mostly remain in a "freeze" position. The contestants are released and except Arshi, they all greet her mother. It was indeed expected that her father will be commenting on her game strategy. The contestants will welcome their friends and family in the house who will visit as a part of the new "Statue" task. The guests were allowed to speak to all contestants for some time. The contestants are released and they all meet his father. As Bigg Boss again tells everyone to stand still, the next visitor inside the house is Arshi Khan's father.

Priyank Sharma was sitting on the couch when Bigg Boss suddenly announced "freeze". This also irked Hiten, who told her that he is supporting Vikas for being his friends. And this was the main reason why Divya parted ways with Priyank. In her interviews, Divya had expressed the fact that she is hurt because Priyank never took her name even once on the Bigg Boss show. Luv is pissed that Divya thinks they (Luv and Hina) were not his true friends, and that Vikas was Priyank's only true friend. "That's why she's getting cornered in the house". The duo met on Splitsvilla, where both had shared a great chemistry and had said they are in a relationship. She is the only one who's playing individually, aur wo akele his sab par bhaari pad rahi hain (she can counter all of them alone). She asks her to show her the kitchen, but Shilpa tells her that she is off kitchen duties. "Fake toh nahi tha, at least mere side se nahi", says Divya as she struggles to maintain her composure. Priyank is now in the Big Boss House and unfortunately, Divya Aggarwal has broken up with him because of his proximity with other girls especially Benafsha Soonawala in the show. Hearing this, Priyank claims that there was nothing between him and Benafsha. But seems like Divya has made up her mind. Akash Dadlani tells her to not order and irritate him. But the times I have spent without you were really worse. I have lost my heart to you.

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Yes, Hina is all about "I, me and myself", but then that's what amazes her fans. The other two women, Shilpa and Arshi, have been quite boring this week. This was the best platform to end the bond that started on TV and unfortunately had to end here only.

Divya tells Priyank that he doesn't need anyone's support to survive in the show.