Anchor responds on air to viewer who called her the 'N word'


"When arguing with somebody you have to be careful not to mischaracterise their viewpoint, so I won't mischaracterise your view either, Kathy Rae. You are what's wrong with the world".

A former local news anchor in Cleveland gave a sharp response Tuesday to a viewer who sent her an email calling her a racial slur. It's one we're having tonight because it's one you are talking about at home.

Race has taken center stage in Atlanta as the city, which hasn't elected a white mayor since 1973, voted in a tightly contested run-off election between two candidates, one white (Mary Norwood) and one black (Keisha Lance Bottoms).

With the utmost professionalism, Reed debunked the original claim that she and her team, whose races range from white and Black, were somehow race-baiting. Reed requested her colleagues to briefly digress from their topic of discussion to present her view on a racist email sent by a viewer named Kathy Rae.

"On December 5, 2017, you think it's okay to call this journalist a n*****", Reed said.

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"I would say to Kathy a couple of things", Reed said. But instead, I'll let your words, Kathy Rae, stand for themselves. "It has clearly entered the Atlanta mayor's race".

CBS not only showed her comments on-air, but allowed Reed to respond with a few graceful words (and pointed hands) of her own. "And that'll be the last word", Reed said. You mischaracterize what I said. "It's also worth noting that Bottoms was the default Democrat in the nonpartisan race and Norwood was a closet Republican". "I don't come down on artists and other people who have co-opted it for what they want to use it", Reed said.

"Not the first time I've been called that word", she wrote.

Reed has also commented on the now-viral moment, telling the Atlanta Journal Constitution that she chose to use the n-word in its entirety in the moment, and that she is "not a fan of the use" of the word in general. What she said was not in a teleprompter.

Folks including rapper Killer Mike and comedian W. Kamau Bell praised Reed for getting the racist viewer all the way together in such a poised manner.