SPD leader promises to push Germany to embrace Macron


With that in mind, Martin Schulz told a party congress that he wants the European Union to agree to a new constitutional treaty which creates a federal Europe, which can act together in policy in areas including domestic and foreign security, tax and monetary affairs and asylum and worldwide development.

Barely more than a quarter of German Social Democrat voters have backed the idea of forming a new coalition with Angela Merkel before a party debate today about launching talks.

At a previously scheduled party congress, Schulz sought members' approval for a resolution approving talks on "whether and in what form" the Social Democrats can support a new government under Merkel.

'Europe is our life insurance, ' said Schulz. Merkel has said she is "very skeptical" about leading a minority government, which hasn't yet been tried in post-World War II Germany. The leadership's motion "takes no option off the table", he added, making clear it wouldn't automatically lead to a coalition.

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Schulz, who is formerly the president of the European Parliament, told the conference that he envisioned that by 2025, Europe should be governed by a single federal constitution, which would be the formation of a United States of Europe.

Schulz's center-left party suffered a historic defeat in the German general elections in September this year.

He said the renewal of the SPD can not be placed above the interests of the nation.