Lawsuit challenges Trump's financial bureau appointment


A federal credit union has sued to block President Donald Trump from installing Mick Mulvaney as his preferred head of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Trump, according to a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit filed Tuesday, "has attempted an illegal hostile takeover of the" bureau after its director, Richard Cordray, announced his resignation November 24. "Trump. -Filed-Complaint-dkt-1-12-5-17.pdf">filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and Michael Mulvaney over what they see as a violation of the constitution in Mulvaney's appointment to head up the Consumer Financial Protecion Bureau. It has been reported that Mr. Mulvaney has suspended the CFPB's investigation of a company that has challenged the CFPB's constitutionality and authority to issue a civil investigative demand to the company pending a ruling by the federal district court hearing the company's challenge.

"In this period of darkness, when we increasingly have the fox taking over the henhouse, we must make sure that the consumer bureau remains a beacon of light for people like Myra and working families across the country who want someone advocating on their side".

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For her part, English claims she is the rightful acting director and is now seeking legal options after a judge declined her request to prevent Mulvaney from taking over as acting director. "To the Credit Union, it is plain that Leandra English is the only lawful Acting Director in charge of the CFPB", the lawsuit said.

English could not immediately be reached for comment through her lawyer, Deepak Gupta. English has continued to pursue her case.