Former Governor Phil Bredesen Announces US Senate Run


Phil Bredesen is joining the race to become a USA senator. In a video announcing his candidacy, Bredesen again sounded centrist themes, touting his experience as governor and his ability to work across party lines.

"I love the people of the state of Tennessee and we need and deserve something better than we're getting from Washington and we need and deserve a Senator who can make that happen", Bredesen also says in the video. "While politicians are up there playing partisan games and working on their re-election, out here in America-back here in Tennessee-we have some real problems".

He mentions the economy, health insurance, the opioid crisis and finances.

Tennessee is a Republican state and will likely stay one for a while, Gov. Bill Haslam said Thursday in reference to former Gov. Phil Bredesen, a Democrat, entering the U.S. Senate race for Sen.

Bredesen, who served as Tennessee governor from 2003 through 2010, hasn't made an announcement yet.

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The governor himself considered a Senate bid in September, but later said that he would not be running because he wanted to "remain completely focused" on his current job. Before that, he served as mayor of Nashville from 1991 to 1999.

He's the last Democrat to win a statewide race in Tennessee.

Major Republican candidates include Marsha Blackburn and Stephen Fincher.

She continued, "Bredesen's views are out-of-touch with Tennessee values, he supported President Obama's liberal policies, is against second amendment rights and even authored a plan to give illegal immigrants driving certificates".