Eating cheese every day may be good for you


There is good news for lactose lovers, researchers have found that a little bit of cheese every day might be good for you.

A 40 gram square, about the size of matchbox, was the sweet spot for health benefits. Moderate cheese eaters may live healthier lifestyles or have higher incomes, leading to reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, researchers pointed out.

Dairy has always been a dicey subject in the health food world. "The key takeaway from this study is an important one: Cheese, as a part of a veggie-heavy, plant-based diet can be as beneficial as it is delicious", she says."All foods can fit as a part of a balanced meal plan". In 2015, the population of the United States consumed the equivalent of of cheese per person, with Cheddar and mozzarella being the most popular choices. Cheese also has an unsaturated fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid which may affect cholesterol by lowering your bad LDL levels and raising the good HDL levels. The research relies mostly on self-reported data, which can be unreliable, and only shows a correlation - not a direct cause-and-effect.

For their study, Qin and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 15 observational studies that investigated how cheese consumption influenced the total risk of CVD, as well as the risks of (CHD) and stroke. Some cheeses can be quite high and our total daily intake should be less than 1500 mg.

Overall, people who consumed high levels of cheese were 10 percent less likely to have a stroke and 14 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease than participants who consumed no cheese.

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"No one's saying you should definitely go out and eat 40 grams of cheese a day".

So why exactly is the dairy product suddenly good for you?

But don't stock up on the Cheddar just yet; both studies have their own limitations. Also relevant is the fact that different types of cheese weren't studied, meaning that some may be better or worse for you in terms of reducing risk of heart disease and stroke.

Yes, it may be high in fat but a recent study concluded that eating 40g a day can actually reduce your risk of a heart attack.