Bigg Boss 11: Divya Agarwal's SHOCKING plans to confront Priyank Sharma


While we have seen many physical assaults in previous all seasons, we have never witnessed sexual assault on any woman in the entire season of Bigg Boss. And from what we have been told, it's going to be a really exciting episode with emotions flowing freely, and housemates breaking down at the sight of their loved ones. The contestants' have to freeze, rewind, fast forward and walk in slow motion whenever Bigg Boss will ask them to do so. While we assume that she is here in the Bigg Boss house to sort out their differences, Divya has clearly mentioned to the website that there is no possibility of them getting back together.

But the most anticipated meeting for viewers is definitely the one with Divya and Priyank. And she also said to Akash that he calls Shilpa his mother than he should fulfill his responsibilities as a son and please don't abuse her.

Priyank and Divya. Image from Instagram. She kisses and hugs Shilpa while saying her that she is playing well.

Divya took dance training from Terence Lewis dance academy and later she started her own dance academy named as Elevate Dance Institute. She even tells him that he has hurt her a lot.

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While Divya was asked to leave the house post that, Priyank was left miserable and he ran outside in the garden area calling her out. "But for Divya, it definitely was a closure she wanted", added the source. Akash told her that even Hiten had been calling him 'loser and he had not responded to it first.

She further warns him about all the contestants and says that in the house Vikas is the only person who thinks about him and his future.

However, the high point of the episode is when Vikas' mom enters the house. How excited are you for tonight's telecast of Bigg Boss 11?