Spotify releases '2017 Wrapped' which breaks down your year in music


Check out your personalised year in music 2017 according to Spotiy. Then it quizzes you to see how well you know your own listening habits before making a personalized playlist of 30 songs you might have missed this year. Both Hip Hop and Latin music gained large amounts of new listeners, with "Despacito-Remix" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee being named Spotify's "Song of the Summer".

2017 Wrapped also compiles the most-streamed songs across the United Kingdom into a single playlist, which might be useful to finally find the name of that song you've been hearing everywhere. They're calling it 2017 Wrapped this time around, but the song remains the same: Spotify rounds up all your listening data from the past year to break down top songs, albums, and artists.

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Spotify will also provide you with a playlist called The Ones That Got Away which is a curated playlist of songs that you might like based on your favourites from 2017. It asks for your top artists, top song, and top genre.

You have the option of sharing your Spotify Wrapped information, but be well prepared for others to take offense at your music taste. Rihanna was Spotify's most-streamed female artist.