Sonos and Ikea Tease Collaboration


Sonos and IKEA are getting together to reimagine how users experience audio in the home, with the two hoping to come up with new sound experiences ideal for the residential market.

The companies say they want to make it easier to play music anywhere in the home - which makes sense, since Sonos' main benefit is how easy their software makes it to set up and manage a system of speakers throughout your home. Enabling people to create the right atmosphere in their home with great design, music and sound.

Sonos audio kit will be getting a dose of Scandinavian design come 2019, as the United States streaming speaker company is teaming up with IKEA.

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IKEA has been trying to inch in on the high-tech markets that have begun trickling down to the DIY market, and this is just the third step in that plan.

Will the recently introduced Ikea Trådfri smart lighting products somehow connect to the Sonos One? Sound creates meaning and experiences, and it can enhance life at home instantly. They launched wireless charging in some of their furniture in 2015, smart lighting products in 2016 and now have chose to tackle music. Let us know below.

Given some people love music but hate having to find space for speakers and cabling, it's likely that IKEA and Sonos will work to find ways to hide away cables and speakers without negatively affecting the acoustic performance of Sonos' audio chops.