Jay-Z & Beyonce Deja Vu


The couple took the elevator down from the Angelika Film Center & Cafe in New York City to the ground floor to meet the paparazzi.

Beyonce and Jay Z have been in the middle of a messy cheating scandal for a while now, and while the world is still debating whether they are ready to forgive Jay Z for cheating on Queen Bey or not, the two made a decision to take some time out of their schedule to troll their followers on social media.

One upon a time, JAY-Z and Beyonce had some drama in an elevator. While taking an elevator ride to the ground floor, the couple made a decision to have some fun with photographers and reportedly told them to "hurry up and come" get the photo.

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America's first couple of entertainment did not disappoint, and invited photogs to "come and get it" - the flawless photo op.in an elevator.

Depending on the amount of Kool Aid (Lemonade?) you're drinking, Beyoncé and Jay-Z either had a nice, quiet evening for the rapper's 48th birthday, or went and brought the infamous elevator fight full damn circle. At the very least, it definitely conjures up images from that dramatic incident.

It has been three years since JAY-Z and Solange Knowles' elevator fight was captured on tape and JAY has been quite open about that incident.