Government Must Respond to Allegations of Police Abuses — Amnesty International Nigeria


"All incidents of violence meted out by this notorious police unit (Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS) must be independently investigated, and those found to be responsible must be prosecuted in fair trials". And for effective and efficient administration, the department is divided into 14 sections of which the Special Anti-robbery squad, SARS, is one of them.

The squad is supposed to be a section in each state command, with sole responsibility of handling armed robbery cases and answerable to the commissioner for police.

"Mr. President, I have in the last few months received several petitions from my constituency against SARS".

"Mr. President, it is unfortunate that SARs are involved in extra judicial killings, brutality, rape and all forms of criminality and something must be done to change the situation now', he insisted".

Senator Misau then urged the Senate to take a bold stand on the issue and end the operation of SARS.

Though the police have debunked some of the allegations levelled against them as untrue, the #EndSARS organisers are planning a nationwide protest as part of the citizen-led initiative to end the widespread impunity in the police.

The action propelled a directive by the Inspector-General of Police to call for the reorganisation of the police unit.

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This indeed was by ensuring that officers can not make arrest and investigate the same case.

"The Nigeria Police is determined to adhere to principles of International Police reforms, conform to standard discipline and rewards system, building trust and confidence in the citizenry and will not condone torture and other ill-treatment of suspects in SARS detention or any of its detention facility throughout the country".

Misau, however, said the abuses had continued irrespective of that.

"The police high command had earlier said that it has no intention to scrap the squad and contrary to claims".

He asked the Ad-hoc Committee on National Security to investigate activities of SARS and report back to plenary.

In his remarks, the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, said it was appropriate for the matter to be sent to the committee for consideration.

"I think it is clear that something wrong is going on and it needs urgent attention,".