Futuristic Starbucks Roastery opens today in Shanghai


Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai has also teamed up with Princi, a bakery found in Milan and London, which will provide pastries to accompany the coffee brewed by baristas at three of its bars in the new store. There are two floors of the store which also have theatrical and interactive entertainment.

There's a "pairing bar", which focuses on how coffee complements food.

And of course, you can buy Starbucks' mugs before you leave. It is the second Starbucks Roastery with Seattle opening the first in 2014.

Trays of temptation sit everywhere, filled with Italian-style croissant called cornetti, breads studded with olives, tomatoes and fresh herbs and even a gourmet take on cinnamon rolls.

The store is able to hold 1,000 to 1,200 customers at a time and has around 500 chairs on the site. The specially designed, beautifully finished pieces were handmade by Chinese craftsmen and will eventually be available to purchase.

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Customers have the option of "tasting journeys" to highlight the roastery's food and beverage offerings. The handcrafted long bar, one of three on site, is aptly-named, as at 88 foot it's the world's longest coffee bar.

As if all this wasn't enough already, the store also has China's first Starbucks Teavana bar, which is made from 3D-printed recycled materials and serves nitrogen-infused tea.

Point your phone at different features and you'll get a "bean-to-cup story". Through Alibaba's Taobao mobile app, visitors can view augmented reality-powered digital menus and details of each coffee bar, brewing methods and merchandise. Each step of the way, customers unlock a virtual badge and once all badges are earned, they receive a custom Roastery filter to commemorate the moment and share on social media.

The cafe spans 2,700 square metres (30,000 square feet) - almost half the area of a soccer field - and is the company's second Starbucks Reserve Roastery, a larger type of store featuring premium coffees, teas, and coffee-infused beer along with a personalised barista service. The company has 3,000 stores in 136 cities in China, including 600 in Shanghai.

Chairman Howard Schultz told Bloomberg News that China is on its way to become the company's largest market in less than a decade."It's obvious to us that the holding power of China for Starbucks is going to be much more significant than the holding power of the U.S.", he added.