Democrat plans to force impeachment vote on President Trump today


Rep. Al Green plans to force a vote in the House on December 6 to impeach President Donald Trump.

In his letter, Green explicitly said that he favored impeaching Trump even in the absence that Trump has committed a crime, writing, "Impeachment is a political remedy, not a judicial remedy, thus it may be a high misdemeanor, which may or may not be a crime".

Green said he'd introduce his resolution on Wednesday under a rule that requires the chamber to vote on the issue within two days. "For this reason, I will bring articles of impeachment to a vote in the House of Representatives". Both remained in office after the Senate voted to impeach failed.

Green argued that Trump should be impeached for his rhetoric against certain racial and ethnic groups in the USA, including Latinos, Muslims and African-Americans. "It divides and damages the social fabric of our country in ways that obstruction of justice can not".

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Since the probe began in May, the special counsel has charged four people, two of whom have pleaded guilty. The special counsel has hired a small army of attorneys - 17 - to work the investigation.

White House spokesman Raj Shah called Green's effort "disappointing" in a statement to CNN. The articles of impeachment he brought against Trump in October accused the president of "fueling an alt-right hate machine" that's "causing immediate injury to American society".

"It's disappointing that extremists in Congress still refuse to accept the President's decisive victory in last year's election", he told CNN. If he follows the proper procedures, Republicans will hold a vote on tabling - in effect killing - the proposal during the House's first series of votes on Wednesday, said a GOP leadership aide who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a decision by party leaders.

The aide added, "They've been clear and consistent that now is not the time for this vote and we should be giving time for (special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation) to play out".

Steyer's television ad campaign, which features him talking directly to the camera about Trump as a threat to the country, is not supported by top Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod. In October, Green filed impeachment articles that almost forced a vote - until House Democratic leaders persuaded him to abandon the effort.