Electronic Arts stock sheds $3 billion in value after Battlefront 2


According to EA the main reason for this was that linear single-player games are no longer as popular as they once were.

"Battlefront II is the pointy tip of the iceberg.the biggest recent controversy has centered around EA's Star Wars Battlefront II, where early evidence suggests player anger over a mishandled loot box economy may in fact be impacting initial sales", Cowen's Doug Creutz noted earlier this week. Electronic Arts is trying to keep the community together and as large as possible since normally people want to find millions of people to play with.

A difference between what Brannval said during the Reddit AMA and what Jorgensen told Credit Suisse Conference is that Brannval was talking about Storm Troopers, a class of characters that could probably host more varieties in design than Darth Vader who only has one real iconic look. "We're not giving up on the notion of MTX", he said. In practice, however, if you simply logged into a game and went off to do something else, EA would notice your inactivity and kick you from the game. If we're not making mistakes along the way and learning from them, that's when you should worry about us. There are certainly cosmetic options out there outside of turning Vader's helmet pink, from different designs for Imperial and Rebel soldiers through to alternative costumes for its heroes and villains, but EA instead opted to allow players to make themselves stronger by way of investing in loot boxes.

Ironically, Jorgensen expressed distate for such microtransactions and payment models in video games. That's a much shorter experience than that offered by a game. "It's an unbelievable brand that's been built over many, many years".

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However, Dennis Brannval, an associate design director on Battlefront 2, actually talked about cosmetic customization in a Reddit AMA hosted a few days before the game's launch. "You want to always balance those two".

"It's an fantastic brand that's been built over many, many years, so if you did a bunch of cosmetic things you might start to violate the canon".

Jorgensen was also asked about the possibility of having cosmetic microtransactions, and he explained that EA works very closely with Disney and Lucasfilm. On the other hand, in Star Wars it matters because Star Wars fans war realism. As an example, he mentioned that Darth Vader in white would probably not make sense, and you probably don't want him in pink.