Beware of Muslim men: Hindu women told at Rajasthan fair


They have even listed places where "love jihad" happens: Beauty parlour, mobile recharge centres, ladies tailoring shops, shops which sells women's cosmetics, at various babas and medical doctors and more.

The education department recommended that the fair should be attended by students of government and private schools.

The three-day exhibition program organized by Hindu Spirituality and Service Foundation (HSSF) in Jaipur is fuming "controversy" in all over the nation.

However, what is being dished out at the fair is raising eyebrows.

The pamphlet says that once a Hindu girl gets into a relationship with a Muslim boy, she makes excuses at homes and goes to hotel rooms, where a physical relationship is bound to grow, culminating in conversion and love jihad. The purported belief here is this would discourage Hindu girls and women from converting to Islam or marrying Muslims.

Summary: The love jihad booklet warned the girls about the ways in which Muslim boys trap Hindu girls.

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Under a heading - Jihadi kaise bichhate hain jaal (How the jihadis spread their web) - the pamphlets mentions how Muslim youth convince Hindu girls to get into a relationship with them.

One of the sections in the pamphlet being distributed gives instructions on "how to save your daughter/sister from Love Jihad".

The Vasundhara Raje government in Rajasthan has a controversial directive for students and teachers. "Hindu girls beware" being sold for Rs.5 by VHP and advises women in Hindu houses to use words such as "terrorists", "anti-nationals", "pro-Pakistanis", "womanisers", and "smugglers" for Muslims. Aamir Khan's marriage was also taken as an example and so was Kareena Kapoor's wedding to Saif Ali Khan.

The Assistant District Education Officer (ADEO) Deepak Shukla, while speaking to India Today, mentioned, "Orders were given by (Education minister) Vasudev Devnani asking students to visit the fair".

The pamphlet further talks about how to protect Hindu girls from Love Jihad. "Check your daughter's mobile phone, who does she call, whose numbers are saved in the mobile, what and who do they text, checking all this will give you a lot of information", it suggests to know if a girl is falling prey to Love Jihad.