AUDIO: Zolani Tete on his historic knockout


That's how long it took Tete to connect with Gonya's jaw, dropping him to the mat with a single blow.

Tete said he would chase for unification clashes against other champions in the division including Irish boxer Ryan Burnett‚ who strangely did not attend the fight even though it was held in his backyard.

Welp, that's over. We'll never get to see how Tete's conditioning was for the match, but I guess you don't need to be ready to run the whole match if you're capable of laying a guy out in 11 seconds. "I won in the first round!"

Tete admitted he was surprised the fight ended so quickly.

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"My trainers are the ones doing the job behind the scenes, I would like to thank them". It was the fastest knockout in world title fight history, besting the previous record by a whopping six seconds.

The South African etched his name into the record books when he flattened countryman Siboniso Gonya with his first punch to retain his World Boxing Organisation bantamweight crown.

Medical staff treated Gonya for several minutes before he was finally able to return to his feet, with the assistance of an oxygen mask.