Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Be Available Later This Week


You'll also be able to use crafting items to put in orders and get furniture and other decorations to really make your camp your own.

As usual, it's a free-to-play instalment from an existing series, but this time round we're getting numerous hallmarks from the Animal Crossing franchise.

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Although Nintendo's latest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, has already soft-launched in some regions, it is not yet available worldwide. Australia and New Zealand got the games a few weeks ago. Because it's been out in Australia for nearly a month, we already kind of know what it looks like: Animal Crossing, but you live in a campsite instead of a town. Now, finally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a global release date. In Pocket Camp, you're the manager of a campsite that, when you first arrive, is sparsely appointed and bereft of visitors.

If you're not familiar with Nintendo's long-running Animal Crossing franchise, it's basically a sim game where you control a human character living in a village inhabited exclusively anthropomorphic animals. Because it's a mobile phone game, there are microtransactions to consider: these take the form of Leaf Tickets, which you can earn by playing the game or purchase with real-world cash.