Tumhari Sulu: Here's why we are excited about Vidya Balan's film


"A suitably shocked and amused Vidya asked". The actress was on a promotional spree for her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu and was, answering media questions. "Or have you thought about losing weight?"

"Are you going to stick to doing "women-centric" roles?" He clarified his statement by saying, "I mean, have you thought of losing weight for more glamorous roles?" When the reporter tried telling her that she needed to lose weight for "glamorous roles", she retorted, " I'm very happy with the work I'm doing.

Reporter: "Whatever movies we've seen of you so far has been "women-centric". However, [referring to journalist] there should be a change in the mindsets of people like you [who fat-shame people]".

But let's start with the most glaring one - the otherising of films centered around women need to stop now.

Sure, male stars have higher footfalls and arguably see a much heightened level of fandom, but, if anything, Vidya Balan is the exception to this rule.

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Once called the fourth Khan of Bollywood, Vidya Balan had everyone bowing down to the powerhouse of talent that she is.

Vidya, known for films like "Parineeta", "Paa" and "The Dirty Picture", feels it is time to "re-look" at the attitude towards sex.

Secondly, in which universe is "women-centric" and "glamorous" mutually exclusive? The actor have had to face such insensitive questions about weight loss plans earlier.

Sadly, Youtube commenters seem to have a whole other point of view.

"It feels amusing how inspite of being the most populated country in the world, we still don't talk about sex openly", Vidya said in a statement.