New Razer BlackWidow Ultimate water-resistant keyboard


The keyboard will also feature Razer's own mechanical switches with an estimated 80 million keystroke lifespan, 10 key roll-over anti-ghosting, a gaming mode option, fully programmable keys, and of course the IP54 rating. Will you be picking up the IP54 rated water and dust resistant keyboard?

After releasing the Cynosa Chroma a couple of weeks ago, Razer is introducing yet another keyboard, and it's a refresh of the BlackWidow Ultimate this time around.

Generally, we see IP ratings regarding smartphones, with the first number indicating how dust resistant the device is and the second referring to its protection from water.

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Razer has unveiled its latest mechanical gaming keyboard, the improved Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. As for the keyboard itself, it will feature individually backlit keys in which through the Synapse software, users can customize it to their liking. The new Blackwidow is available online right now for $110 (€120) and should spread to stores worldwide before the year is over.

The keyboard is IP54 dust and water resistant, and is created to be the "most resilient gaming keyboard to date". The keys cannot only highlight different color schemes for different games, but can also be programmed to cycle through shades in waves, ripples and other animations. We need just one more major vendor to debut a flagship water- and dust-proof keyboard to make it a trend.