Joo Koon MRT Station after train collision


- Picture by Low Youjin/TODAY SINGAPORE, Nov 15 - Twenty-three passengers sustained minor injuries and had to be taken to nearby hospitals after a collision between two trains at Joo Koon MRT station this morning.

Transit operator SMRT said 23 passengers and two staff suffered light to moderate injuries and have been taken to hospital.

The Straits Times understands that the incident has to do with a malfunction of the new signalling system.

Commuters reported on social media that passengers on the moving train fell down when the collision occurred.

The injured passengers had already been sent to hospitals, SCDF said, adding that many of them sustained minor injuries. A second train stopped behind the faulty train at the station at 0819 AM but moved forward unexpectedly a minute later, coming into contact with the stationary train.

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The platform at Joo Koon MRT Station has been partially cordoned off following a collision between two trains. At least 10 emergency vehicles were seen outside the station.

In its first tweet at 8.25am, SMRT said that a "train fault" happened at Joo Koon station.

"I thought it was unusual, but I just assumed that the train (on the other track) had stalled".

The first train collision occurred August 5, 1993, when an east-bound train stopped longer than scheduled at a station due to a technical fault and was then hit by another train, according to the National Library Board's resources.

An MRT train collided with a stationary train at Joo Koon MRT station. "But he did not give details, he just said it hurt quite badly", she added.