Is Nicki Minaj's risque shoot the raciest mag cover ever?


Paper Magazine's winter cover, photographed by Ellen Von Unworth, features three Nicki Minaj's performing sex acts on one another. The hip-hop diva has hit up social media to make jaws drop with her new PAPER Magazine cover. Minaj appears topless with pasties over her nipples while a second Minaj appears to be grabbing her breast and a third kneels with her tongue out.

Nicki went to Instagram Tuesday (November 14) with her mouthwatering must-see issue. "@papermagazine photos by @ellenvonunwerth #BreakTheInternet edition".

Nickis cover follows the 2016 Break the Internet edition, which featured Kim Kardashian re-creating French photographer Jean-Paul Goudes “Champagne Incident”.

While Safaree was in the corner panting like a little puppy, Nicki was busy giving her attention to rumored boyfriend, Nas, whom also showed love for her cover online.

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"We have never called an issue Break the Internet since we did it back in 2014 with. It came to me one day that 'Minaj à trois" had never been done. HOW?

If you recently saw Nicki Minaj in that adorable mom sweater and thought, "Hmm, maybe she's planning to tone down her look in 2018", then prepare yourself for her latest magazine cover, which is essentially the exact opposite of the mom sweater.

"HOW? We have seen different versions of Nicki, from high fashion to seductive to in-your-face and eye-catching all at the same time. Welcome to Break the Internet".