Google Pixel 2 XL Just Can't Get A Break


This time around, the issue is an unusual banding effect that presents on some handsets when the phone's camera is in LED light.

Problems keep getting pointed out on the Pixel 2 XL and a lot of them have to do with the LG-made display.

There have been a number of issues with the new Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones, these have included issues with ghosting on the display and also sound problems. On video, this banding effect looks nearly like a strobe, and is apparent when the camera is pointed at an LED light source, such as an LED light bulb or LED display.

Now we have a video from the guys over at MacRumors comparing Apple's new iPhone X vs the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, both handsets comes with similar specs and have the latest version of both companies operating systems.

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The person who shared his observation noted it could be another issue coming in LED lit environments.

Further, one of the users uploaded a video on YouTube, comparing the cameras of past year Pixel device and Pixel 2 in which, the smartphones are kept side by side recording a video of a room under the LED lighting. For example, many users are unhappy about the fairly extreme blue tint that appears on the phone's display when viewed from an angle.

Dead spots are spots on the display that shows the image but does not respond when it is touch. Others have been more easily fixed bugs, such as the speaker noise some users would hear when taking a call. The team has been investigating, and this will be addressed in a future OTA update.