First Methodist to hold prayer service after Texas church shooting


"Will you invite your members to bring their guns to church?".

Considering the amount of mass shootings, homicides or involuntary deaths linked to gun use, it is time the citizens of America accept that massive gun armaments are a problem which should be dealt with once and for all.

Treece said he was unable to find any cases where the Texas statute regarding gun possession by convicted felons was ever challenged based on federal law.

The mass shootings of our time are a complex phenomenon.

"With an impact of something like that, people definitely can experience post traumatic stress disorder and be fearful of similar situations like that happening", said Rebecca L. Manches, a licensed professional counselor at Life Solutions Professional Counseling Center LLC, with offices located in Fayette and Washington counties. But, he says, other members and family of those who were killed needed to see the church.

He also wrote that he will now carry his own weapon to church on Sunday and asks all off duty officers and those with unrestricted hand gun permits to do the same.

"I'm thinking of and praying for all those impacted by the shooting in Texas".

After the shooting rampage, as he was leaving the church, he had been engaged by a local resident carrying a rifle.

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Preparedness isn't just about being ready to respond when the worst happens.

Until sensible gun laws like these are passed, I'm afraid our preparedness efforts will more often than not resemble trying to fight a house fire with a garden hose.

Recent news about mass shootings like the one last week at a Texas church or mass-casualty events like the eight hit and killed by a truck on a New York City bike trial can cause a heightened level of anxiety, experts say.

"Churches, pastors - they're busy; they've got a lot of things going on", Wohlrabe said.

How can responsible gun owners continue to stand in the way of legislation proven to have the potential to save lives?

The Texas church shooter was able to purchase a gun legally despite being convicted of domestic violence in the past, slipping through the background check system. And untrained bystanders shooting guns can create more chaos and confusion.

"How do we balance the relative risk against the very nature and the goal of a house of worship?", former FEMA head W. Craig Fugate asked me recently. More than 500 people attended the November 12 service, according to media estimates. But I've come to realize that silence only makes schism wider between Christians, in public and in our pews. We need more attention to the role of gender and gendered violence rather than falling back on narratives of mental illness alone. We must focus on what other forces are at play, including gender. "We can overcome evil".

In this moment, we must help our churches better prepare for mass shootings. It is good to be ready for the worst.