Ben Affleck Reveals The Reason He Decided To Play Batman


The Terrific Ten are an invention of 10-year-old Kimmel's mind, only existing on the worn-out pages of a comic book drawn by the prepubescent talk show host. However, a recent interview with Ben Affleck reveals Burton had originally planned to add the Boy Wonder, and that he and Matt Damon auditioned for the part.

To celebrate Jimmy Kimmel's 50th birthday, Justice League actor Ben Affleck invited surprise guest J.J. Abrams onto Jimmy Kimmel Live! to screen a trailer the pair made starring the Terrific Ten, a superteam Kimmel created as a child. Zach Galifianakis! Jennifer Aniston!

Making up the Terrific Ten are Color Kid, Super Duck, Spire, Mirgiv, Meinstrom, Bendolite, Lucky Lad, Super Sal, Laser Lass, and Muscle Man.

One of the most well-known segments of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is when the host has celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, but for Kimmel's 50th birthday, his team chose to flip the script and have stars read mean tweets about Kimmel. Sykes played The Bleach Master - essentially her floating head inside a box of bleach.

And of course, Damon plays the villain Dr. Bolt and doesn't hold back in his "feud" with Kimmel.

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But the blushing, guffawing Kimmel definitely seemed to appreciate it.

"Interesting thing about [Justice League], this movie shifted schedule, some actor availability dropped [.] and Star Wars pushed, I don't know if you know this, but created some additional availability".

Alas, this wasn't a real movie trailer.

"That's so sad though, in a way, that you went on to become Batman - not only didn't he get to be Robin, he's begging for little bit parts in Thor", Kimmel said.