15000 scientists in 184 countries warn about negative global environmental trends


In the journal BioScience, the scientists, led by U.S. ecologist Professor William Ripple, said: "Humanity is now being given a second notice. we are jeopardising our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats". "Human activities inflict harsh and often irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources", the letter, titled "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity", stated.

"Humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere", the authors of the paper report. They write that humanity has been unsuccessful to assemble adequate development in predominantly in generally deciphering in predicting environmental provocation and distressingly majority are deteriorating.

The professor at Oregon State University said he found the original letter past year, which was signed by 1,700 scientists, and began crafting a new one. The letter chronicled environmental impressions and compared them to biblical plagues like stratospheric ozone exhaustion, air and water contamination, the disintegration of fisheries and diminution of soil productivity, deforestation, species loss and terrible global climate change engendered by the burning of fossil fuels. "Scientists are in the business of analyzing data and looking at the long-term consequences".

Thousands of scientists from all around the world have come together to issue another "warning to humanity" about the unprecedented threats that we as a species, and more importantly our planet as a whole, are now facing.

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The new warning is signed by nearly 10 times the number of scientists who put their signatures on the last one. They are acknowledging the obvious signs that we are heading down an unsustainable path. Discussion about the article is circulating on Twitter, under the #ScientistsWarningtoHumanity hashtag.

The number of signatories may be the largest for any published scientific paper ever, said co-author Thomas Newsome, a research fellow at Deakin University and The University of Sydney.

The group reminds that efforts to reduce ozone-depleting substances have shown efficacy-by cutting greenhouse gasses we've actually shrunk the size of the hole in the ozone layer to its smallest size in 30 years. "People just started sharing the letter; it was added to a few e-mail lists and things just took off from there". The report outlines 13 areas that humanity could address to help make our life on earth sustainable.

"As most political leaders respond to pressure, scientists, media influencers, and lay citizens must insist that their governments take immediate action as a moral imperative to current and future generations of human and other life", they wrote.