Universal And Nintendo Are Bringing MARIO BROS. Back To The Big Screen


According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Illumination Entertainment is nearing an agreement with Nintendo to create a Super Mario Bros. movie. The talks between Illumination and Nintendo have reportedly been taking place for over a year, which makes sense given the history this franchise has with Hollywood.

The animated Super Mario Bros. film is now in "early development", which doesn't mean much.

To that end, we're willing to bet that this potential animated project will likely be much closer in spirit to the Super Mario Bros. games. They've made Pokémon movies but, beyond that, rumors of movies based on Mario and The Legend of Zelda have been around for years. Polygon has reached out to both Nintendo and Illumination for comment.

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The talks are around an animated movie by Illumination, which has produced the likes of "Despicable Me", "Minions" and "The Secret Life of Pets".

Mario was famously brought to the big screen in 1993's live-action adaptation, which starred Bob Hoskins as the portly plumber and John Leguizamo as his brother Luigi. There's yet to be any official word from Nintendo or Illumination on the deal: Neither side is answering questions.

There's nothing further to report at this time, but we'll keep you informed as updates roll in. Their enthusiasm waned around the same time that the Super Mario Bros. movie bombed at the box office.