Tom Hanks Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Last Week Tonight'


However, Oliver cautioned against getting complacent, telling audiences that there is a great deal of time left in the Trump presidency and that people must remain steadfast in their work to hold him and his administration accountable for their actions. Oliver used Trump's reaction to the attack in Charlottesville, Virginia to explain this notion, saying the president repeatedly asked "what about" the alt-left in the wake of the tragedy, instead of condemning white nationalism.

During the last episode of Last Week Tonight for the year, Oliver tackled a number of topics, including comedian Louis C.K.'s admission of sexual misconduct as well as current President Donald Trump's recent tweets aimed at North Korean leader Kim Jong-n.

But one of Trump's most effective techniques is to speak absolute gibberish, Oliver said.

Undertrial shot dead inside Rohini court
It is also being probed how the man managed to sneak into the court premises with the weapon, the DCP said. The attacker, who is reportedly a juvenile, immediately surrendered to the police along with the weapon.

After mocking the president's liking of Fox and Friends, Oliver said his show was going to be busy on its hiatus.

Worse is how Trump's behavior is echoed, Oliver said, showing a clip of Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, fleeing a reporter while chanting "Fake news, fake news". That super wonky and pricy move begat Oliver's movie trailer for his ideal Warren G. Harding biopic, featuring Anna Kendrick and Laura Linney acting the hell out of their wax co-star. After the wax statue of Harding reveals itself, Hanks suggests that it "isn't a one-man job". Nevertheless, Tom Hanks is the inspirational figure we only wish could lead all of our past presidents on a world-saving mission. Hank's teaser trailer-esque segment was oddly postponed (or hidden) in a slot that ran after the credits. "We need all of you", Hanks said as other wax presidents appear, including Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and William Henry Harrison.