The Taliban attacked a checkpoint in Afghanistan: eight victims


Police in the province said that law enforcement officers attacked the Taliban, who "destroyed the checkpoint and took away all the stored weapons".

The Taliban issued statements on their social media accounts claiming the attacks. But the militants attack government interests in the province from time to time. The militants used sophisticated night-vision goggles to attack the officers in their beds, according to The New York Times.

"There are signs the Taliban may have used night vision technology to approach and surprise our forces, though they were spotted before reaching the posts and suffered casualties", Mehri said.

Mr. Mehri said the night-vision goggles found in Farah appeared to be Russian-made.

Twenty two policemen also lost their lives in the clash, officials confirmed.

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"Night-vision equipment is used in ambushes by the insurgents and it is very effective", Maj.

Taliban killed eight policemen in western Farah province bordering Iran late Sunday night, according to a provincial official and the militant group Monday.

Analysts said the Taliban's nearly daily attacks are meant to show their ability to strike even heavily defended targets with the aim of further demoralising Afghan forces already beset by huge casualties and desertions.

Last month, the Taliban filled a vehicle captured from Afghan security forces with explosives and drove it into a military base before detonating it, killing 43 soldiers.