Russian Federation uses video game pictures to claim U.S. helped Isil


The Russian Defense Ministry's allegations that US-led forces refrained from attacking fighters from the Daesh terror group as they fled the Syrian city of Abu Kamal are inaccurate, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters on Tuesday.

The Russian defence ministry attempted to pass off an image from a video game as "irrefutable evidence" that the USA was cooperating with Isil in Syria.

The Defense Ministry specified that "the Russian force grouping command twice addressed the command of the US-led "international coalition" with a proposal to carry out joint actions to destroy the retreating ISIS convoys on the eastern bank of the Euphrates".

"The defence ministry is looking into a civilian employee of one of the departments who attached photos to the defence ministry's statement by mistake", a new statement was quoted by Russian agencies as saying.

The CIT also says the statement contains a second error involving a freeze-frame taken from a video released in June 2016 by the Iraqi defence ministry showing an air raid against ISIS forces fleeing from Fallujah and not from Abu Kamal towards the Iraqi-Syrian border.

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Russian Federation faced online ridicule on Tuesday for publishing footage from a computer game as undeniable proof that the U.S. was providing air support for Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

The Syrian government troops' offensive against the city of Abu Kamal has disrupted the United States plans to create pro-American authorities to govern the territories on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

"Such actions by the coalition show that the rapid advance of the Syrian troops in Abu Kamal have disrupted US plans to create pro-American authorities beyond the control of the Syrian government, and to manage the territories on the eastern bank of the Euphrates", it said.

The United States is providing de-facto cover for Islamic State units in Syria and only pretending to fight terrorism in the Middle East, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.