McLaren's new one-off, gold-covered 720S supercar


An item that isn't painted gold, but is actually made of the stuff, is the 24-carat gold engine heatshield (reminiscent of the F1).

A plaque inside the auto identifies it as a 1 of 1 MSO commission, a fact also communicated by the unique rear wing that bears part of a quote by McLaren founder, Bruce McLaren which reads "Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone".

The centrepiece is at the back, and comprises a rear wing emblazoned with a quote from company founder Bruce McLaren in Arabic, stylised to look like the Dubai skyline.

It's another one-off, finished in satin Zenith Black paint with a bucket-load of gold accents. Short of taking a hacksaw to the auto itself, there isn't much MSO can't do to customise or personalise a vehicle, and it works with some of the world's wealthiest buyers.

To create the desired visual impact of the gold lettering, custom stencils produced by the MSO design visualisation team had to be used.

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This bespoke McLaren 720S also comes equipped with a carbon fibre exterior upgrade including a front splitter, air intakes, rear bumper and roof panel.

And for the United Kingdom supercar company's latest MSO offering, the words of founder Bruce McLaren are inscribed on this rear wing of this one-off 720S. The UAE and the region are very important to McLaren, not only in terms of our client base, but also because of the support from our shareholders. The auto was made to order for a customer who will take delivery soon after the show.

McLaren is present at the Dubai International Motor Show with a spectacular one-off 720S commissioned by a customer from the Middle East.

In total, the car's bespoke treatment added 120 hours to the usual production time for a McLaren 720S. The gearshift paddles are satin gold-painted, and each door inner panel gets a satin gold-colored appliqué. Aside from the colour and interior trim customisations, the vehicle is unchanged over the standard 720S.