'It's about time': Fanshawe students hoping faculty vote will end strike


"This vote is your opportunity to end the strike now and get students and faculty back in the classroom as soon as possible", she said.

Some 12,000 Ontario college professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians haven't been at work since October 15.

The Ontario college strike, which has gone on for several weeks now, has left many students wondering what their academic year-when it ultimately reconvenes-will look like.

So far, the two sides have not been able to reach a tentative agreement and last week, the council asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board if it could take its latest offer directly to striking faculty for a vote.

The grassroots movement known as #AssToClass has launched a website which includes a mandate and plan to allow students to get back to school while the Ontario Public Service Employers Union and College Employer Council continue bargaining.

If the offer is accepted, about 500,000 students could be back in the classroom as early as next Tuesday.

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"It's important to remember that the fund the minister has announced is being paid for by faculty, not by the colleges", says Thomas in a press release.

"We're also extending into April", Vaughn said.

The faculty vote that may end the five-week long Ontario colleges strike is scheduled to begin Tuesday, but students say this is only the beginning of the tough road they face.

"Students from every campus in Ontario will be filling the hallways and classes of Ontario colleges, to show to everyone, we are ready to learn", the organization says in an email sent to media outlets.

"Nothing has been removed, nothing has been added that will negatively impact faculty - these are positive gains", she said.

But the union says the offer contains "serious concessions" that were not agreed to, and which would erode faculty rights and contribute to an unsustainable staffing model. Union leadership has been telling its members to reject the offer.