A lawsuit over Goodell's contract could be very costly for Jerry Jones


FRISCO, Texas - Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he will not back off the threat of suing the National Football League and several other owners if the compensation committee comes to an agreement with commissioner Roger Goodell on an extension.

In addition to the cease-and-desist warning, some owners are reportedly discussing a nuclear option - the long-shot possibility of making Jones forfeit his ownership in the Cowboys.

"I've had not one, not one, inkling of communication from the league office or any owner that would suggest something that laughable and ridiculous, and that's about where that is", the Cowboys owner said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Jones' battle with the league has heightened in recent weeks with his frustration with Goodell.

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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, chairman of the committee, said negotiations are progressing.

According to the New York Times (h/t ESPN.com), the NFL's compensation committee has issued a cease-and-desist warning to Jones regarding his threat to sue the National Football League over Goodell's contract negotiations.

Jones wants all owners to be able to sign off on the details of Goodell's new contract, which would begin in 2019, even though the owners voted unanimously in May to allow the compensation committee to negotiate the specifics of the deal. Goodell has 18 months left on his current term and a lot to prove in the NFL's troubled 2017 landscape.

The criticisms around Goodell focus on his bungling of the league's domestic violence policy and the Bountygate and Deflategate controversies. We've got all the time in the world to extend him. If Jones has a problem with Roger Goodell, then, especially as the owner of the richest franchise in the sport, he should be free to voice his opinion and try to win others to his side.