Shinzo Abe hails 'fresh start' to Japan-China ties after Xi meeting


After President Donald Trump chose their double cheeseburger and fried potatoes in a business lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an American-inspired restaurant has reportedly seen the sandwich's popularity surge - even selling out of the burger, according to the New York Post.

President Donald Trump (centre) reacts as he does the "ASEAN-way handshake" with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (left) and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

"We've made some very big steps in respect to trade" as a result of meetings during his Asian trip, he told reporters.

"The threats to our peace and stability are greater than they have been for many many years".

Afterwards the tri-lateral meeting Mr Abe and Mr Turnbull had a formal sit-down.

After rejecting New Zealand's offer to accept 150 refugees to focus on the USA deal Mr Turnbull was facing pressure to ask Mr Trump to speed up the resettlement process.

He would not be drawn on whether the trio had discussed military options.

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Mr Xi also met South Korean President Moon Jae In yesterday (sat) and encouraged South Korea to resume dialogue with the North.

Trump in the beginning looked confused and simply crossed his hands in front of him.

Mr Trump has reluctantly agreed to resettle up to 1250 refugees but only 54 have gone to America so far.

New Zealand's leader Jacinta Ardern is seeking another meeting with Mr Turnbull to express her "grave concerns" about the treatment of refugees on Manus Island.

In a separate bilateral meeting Mr Abe and Mr Turnbull discussed their mutual disappointments over Canada's decision to throw a spanner in the works on reviving the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Colourful effigies of the United States president, including one with four arms in the shape of a Nazi swastika, were carried through the streets of the Philippine capital.

Since July 2016 there's been an estimate 12,000 extrajudicial killings.