No Official Xbox One X Bundles Will Be Released This Holiday


Given that the Xbox One X did not launch with a new game created to show it off at its best, these sales are impressive for a mid-generation update.

Let us know what you think about this Sony Black Friday PS4 Pro bundle and whether or not you would rather have more games than the Xbox One X console. This was, reportedly, the same amount the Nintendo Switch did during its debut back in March.

The figure has been published by, which compares the number to the first week sales of Sony's 4K-capable PlayStation 4 Pro, which launched in November 2016 and sold 50,000 units during its first week.

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However at the end of the day despite the Xbox One X appearing to perform better in certain aspects, overall it seems that the differences don't feel too obvious, but feel free to judge for yourself by checking out the video above.

It is more than likely that this bundle will be restocked in the upcoming weeks in order to compete with the Xbox One X. You still need to buy games on the Xbox One X in order to take advantage of the superior hardware that it has to offer. With Xbox traditionally seeing greater success in the USA, it will be interesting to see how the console fares across these markets in the weeks to come. has contacted major United Kingdom retailers to find out more about Xbox One X's launch sales in the England: as reported, the Microsoft console has sold about 80000 units in the first week of presence on the market from 7 to 12 November. Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comments section.