Latest Pixel 2 bug prevents Assistant from working on Bluetooth headphones


Interestingly, Google unveiled the Pixel Buds Bluetooth-enabled headphones alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL earlier this year that are created to deliver a Google Assistant experience while on the go.

As spotted by AndroidPolice, a large number of users on Pixel 2 have reported on Google's support forum that the preloaded Google Assistant doesn't work when they use it through Bluetooth headphones. He tried to do swiping gestures on the display's edges, which prompted an action. The issue was first mentioned on the Pixel User Community forum and the user who first mentioned it noted that when he slid a finger across the curved edges, the screen responded as it should. Apparently, some Pixel 2 XL owners have been having trouble with the display's touch responsiveness. If the problem does lie with the hardware itself, then it would a much bigger headache for both Google and the consumers.

He also thinks that the fault lies with Google's accidental touch protection software.

IPhone X screen can become unresponsive in cold weather
Early speculation around this issue is that it's also software related seeing how it persists even after a replacement. Users are reporting various issues with the screen including the fact that it becomes unresponsive in cold conditions.

We reached out to Google, and a spokesperson acknowledged the issue and confirmed its fix.

The lack of response from tapping the screen edges is just one of the many issues that appeared upon the release of Google Pixel 2 XL. After a volley of reports and bug feedback, community manager Orrin Hancock said that Google has been investigating and that the problem "will be addressed in a future OTA update".

Earlier, this week, Google had issued updates to some of the bugs.