Kylie Jenner sparks engagement speculations with diamond ring


She was en route to the Kardashian-West house yesterday for Kim's baby shower when she snapped a video of her steering wheel - and it happened to feature a certain finger weighed down by a huge diamond that sparkled oh-so-slyly for the camera.

For weeks she has been playing with us over her reported pregnancy - taking to social media to pointedly reference blue lip gloss and then pink phone cases seemingly in an effort to hint if she's expecting a boy or a girl.

Meanwhile, Kylie continues to play coy about her pregnancy.

For months now we've been waiting on some sort of confirmation about whether or not Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant.

Sharing on Friday, the TV personality uploaded several photos on the popular social-networking site that highlighted the color pink.

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Additionally, the expectant star shared another picture taken from the set of her upcoming "holiday" campaign.

Additionally, the lipkit mogul shared a throwback shot of herself with pink hair.

The latest in the 'is she, isn't she?' game is a series of pink-themed Instagram photos published by the star, which fans reckon might signify the gender of her unborn baby.

Is she pregnant or not?

One fan wrote:'Soooo maybe it's a girl? Has her alleged baby daddy Travis Scott popped the question with the massive rock?