IPhone X screen can become unresponsive in cold weather


Well, apart from the infamous cold weather problems common with the iPhone X models there have been reports of a green line appearing on the screen of the iPhone X but that's more likely to be a hardware problem and Apple has replaced a few devices already. Users have also noted that rebooting the phone does not fix the issue. However, some users have been able to get their units replaced under warranty from their local Apple service centres and you should too, if you've been facing the same issue. Users are reporting various issues with the screen including the fact that it becomes unresponsive in cold conditions.

Freezing issue: The device takes time to adjust to a sudden change in temperature - it works normally indoors but as soon as a user takes it to a cold outdoor environment, it stops working for some time. Another user found the crackling issue at around 50 per cent volume.

On Friday, we reported on an issue affecting a limited number of iPhone X units that caused a green line to appear on the side of the display. There have been several reports filed on social media, and on the top Apple related blogs and chat forums on the web.

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Apple has said that it is aware of the problem when the iPhone X gets cold, adding that it will be fixed in an upcoming update - it was not fixed with the release of iOS 11.1.1.

In the meantime, they say the screen will become fully functional and responsive again after several seconds.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone from the Cupertino-based company to feature an OLED display. Early speculation around this issue is that it's also software related seeing how it persists even after a replacement. We'll know more in the coming days as Apple tries to issue a fix for affected users.