Alabama man awarded $7.5 million from Walmart after shopping injury


A jury awarded him $7.5 million on Thursday.

A Walmart spokesman said the company plans to appeal.

Walker reached to pick a melon from a display, and his foot became lodged in the pallet under the watermelon container.

A man named Henry Walker who resides in Phenix City, Alabama was awarded $7.5 million in damages on Wednesday from Walmart two years after he fell at his local store and broke his hip. Walker sued Walmart for negligence and wantonness, arguing that the store had not kept its premises reasonably safe.

Walmart was represented by Vaughn Russell of Birmingham and Scott Sasser of Lee County. Walker's attorney told The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that Walmart should have covered the pallet to avoid hazard.

In court records and in testimony, Walmart has maintained that the display was not unsafe, and that any negligence was Walker's fault.

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"I think this jury appreciated what Mr".

'The jury of twelve members of this community certainly thought it was a fair verdict after hearing all of the evidence.

"Walker went through and they compensated him accordingly", said David Rayfield of Waldrep Mullin & Callahan LLC, one of the legal representatives for the injured party.

The incident reportedly "completely changed Henry Walker's life". The Army veteran used to play basketball with friends three times a week, but now has to use a walker.

"He is no longer able to do everyday activities that many of us take for granted", the attorney said.