Colin Kaepernick Is Reportedly Excluded From NFL Players and Owners Meeting


Though the NFL said earlier this month that it was considering implementing a rule that would force players to stand during the national anthem, it was apparently never all that close to making it a reality. He did say that "league didn't accept our invitation" to the meeting, adding that the NFL pointed to scheduling and logistical issues.

- Colin Kaepernick, who popularized the controversial gesture of kneeling during the USA national anthem, will likely be invited to a meeting with the NFL to discuss social issues and protests, the league said on Wednesday.

Colin Kaepernick's legal team has a tall task in front of it, as it searches for proof the NFL and its owners colluded to keep the quarterback out of the league.

The coalition consists of 11 players, including Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin, who met with National Football League team owners on October 17 in NY to discuss, in part, player involvement in communities and with law enforcement.

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Colin Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the national anthem before the 2016 season and now is out of the NFL, did not attend the meeting last week.

Jenkins and Eagles' teammate Rodney McLeod raised their fists during the national anthem Sunday.

He opted out of his contract with the 49ers in the offseason but has said his agent reached out to all 32 teams to make sure they were aware of his interest in playing this season. That's despite a statement Saturday from the Coalition stating that the former 49ers quarterback was invited to the Monday meeting, along with Commissioner Roger Goodell and Texans owner Bob McNair, whose "inmates running the prison" remark angered his and other players. Before this week, no Texans had protested during the anthem. "We're more concerned about getting actual work done and change and going about the right steps to do that".

"It's already a sensitive issue". "We would welcome Colin at a meeting, but it's the players who are extending the invitations". "What am I proud of is, I feel like the voice of the players has been pretty concise and consistent".