'Zombie Frap' may come to Starbucks in time for Halloween


Between the trusty PSL and new Turmeric Latte, Starbucks UK really do have us covered when it comes to Autumn drinks.

The Zombie Frappuccino is rumored to come to the coffee shops just in time for Halloween.

According to Fox News, a former Starbucks barista who blogs about the company said the drink will be made to resemble brains, being colored by "green caramel apple powder" and "pink powder". The Unicorn Frappuccino was only on Starbucks' menu for five days, but it went viral online, netted a huge amount of press for Starbucks, and paid off in actual sales.

Well, the technically unconfirmed Starbucks flavor a try.

Mummy wraps? The living?

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While Starbucks hasn't confirmed its plan to roll out the Zombie Frappuccino, some baristas are already talking about the drink on social media - and not all of them are excited.

This wouldn't be the first Halloween-related beverage the coffee chain has rolled out.

According to Delish, Starbucks is planning to release a Zombie Frappuccino on October 26 and have it available through Halloween.

While we're not sure how we feel about an uber-sugary green caramel apple flavor, we already know we'll be camped out at some point in the October 26-31 time frame to give the newest Starbucks flavor a try.