These are the days of Donald's wives: Melania v Ivana


Date of entry: 11.10.2017 15:56 Melania Trump was anor victor of U.S. election, as well as Donald Trump.

Melania Trump is pushing back at Donald Trump's first wife for referring to herself as "first lady".

The First Lady kept the dress on for a visit to Lily's Place, a centre that focuses on children.

She suggested on Good Morning America that the First Lady probably wouldn't like living in Washington, and that although she has a private line to the President, she doesn't use it in fear of making Melania jealous.

- It's first lady versus first wife. Born in Slovenia, who is now 46 years old, Trump continues his life as a jewel designer.

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The Czech-American businesswoman and former model was married to the President from 1977 until 1992.

Oh, to be the spawn of Donald Trump.

On a visit to discuss an ongoing drug addiction epidemic in West Virginia yesterday, Trump forwent her typical "America first" policy (usually we see her in Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and other big NY names) instead choosing Cameron's vivid green "belted muslin shirt dress" design, with signature Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels. "He asked for my number, but he had an affair, so of course I didn't give my number".

Melania, Trump's current wife, was not having any of the drama and responded in a statement.

Just as Donald Trump named after his father, it makes sense that Ivana Trump would also want to pass her name onto the next generation.