The New Mutants trailer mixes superpowers, scares


It's finally here! After being teased yesterday afternoon, the first teaser trailer for New Mutants is out and looks electrifying.

Oh, and downright terrifying - you can't forget that. Next up is Josh Boone's New Mutants, which promises to be a chilling blend of "haunted house" horror and hormonal teenagers.

That's clear from the date the studio chose to release the first trailer for the movie - Friday the 13th - as well as its tone and lack of classic superhero trappings. Marvel die-hards have been looking forward to the footage release for awhile now, and that excitement only grew this week thanks to Anna Taylor-Joy.

We don't know a whole lot about the film so far, but what we do know suggests that it will be quite different from anything we've seen before.

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The last two years have seen Fox step out of their comfort zone and embrace a bold, experimental approach to X-Men movies. It walked them through a trilogy of New Mutant films that would build on each other. As for its villain, New Mutants is said to use the Demon Bear as its antagonist, and the character has been associated with wintery excursions before.

Boone's version has been characterized as "a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe" that diverges significantly from the source material, with the young mutants recast as super-powered teens held against their will in a secret facility.

The New Mutants adapts the monthly comic book series of the same name that launched in 1982.