Russian Federation reportedly used Pokémon Go in an effort to inflame racial tensions


Starting today, the Pokemon GO team is starting an AR photo contest that will challenge Pokemon trainers everywhere to snap the best AR photos of Pokemon. Yep, it's not limited to U.S. residents only, and the victor will get a sweet swag bag containing a poster autographed by the team, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds and - this is the best part if you still avidly play the mobile game - a Go Plus accessory.

The CNN story came after the New York Times reported earlier this month that Kremlin-linked cyber workers promoted content on Facebook that appeared to be of American origin, but was created to sow division on political issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement. The post promoted a contest, which promised Amazon gift cards to the winners, according to the report. It isn't clear whether anyone participated in the contest, according to CNN's report.

Ring discovered around dwarf planet beyond Neptune
Together, these results raised questions over whether there was something unique about centaurs that made them able to host rings. In Haumea's case, they found it sported a dense, Saturn-like ring some 70 kilometers wide, made of frozen particles.

The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts of the group have been suspended, CNN said. This "contest" required people to take screen shots from their phone and share over other social networks, not within our game. (As CNN notes, the name plays on "hands up, don't shoot", one of the movement's slogans.) Do Not Shoot Us included a website,, along with related pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.