BioWare writer/director Mike Laidlaw departs company after 14 years


For those that have followed the epic adventure that he helped to create, it's hard to see him depart the team that he has spent so much time over the years developing.

BioWare fans won't rest easy tonight with Mass Effect and Jade Empire writer and Dragon Age: Inquisition director Mike Laidlaw departing the company.

"It's with a mix of emotions that I'm announcing my time with BioWare has ended", he says.

Longtime BioWare employee Mike Laidlaw has left the company, he announced on Twitter today.

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BioWare and Dragon Age lost another long-standing member last year when David Gaider, a writer there for 17 years, left and then joined Baldur's Gate enhancer Beamdog. Laidlaw has worked on blockbuster role-playing game series Dragon Age (a fantasy romp) and Mass Effect (a sci-fi franchise).

Seemingly to assuage any fan fears (of which there usually are many), Laidlaw said that he has "every confidence that the world we've created together is in good hands" and said that he was "excited" for what the franchise has in store. We don't know what he's planning to do next, as we're only told that he'll be "reconnecting with all the wonderful games and worlds that my peers have created".

Laidlaw was nominated for a 2010 BAFTA Games Award for Best Story in Dragon Age: Origins along with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk.