US Teenagers Are Still In Love With The Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone


A new report suggests Apple may be working with LG - and not Samsung, which is now the Cupertino giant's sole supplier of OLED displays - on the creation of a foldable OLED screen.

Would an iPhone with a foldable display really be an attractive device for Apple fans?

Apple may produce foldable iPhones come 2020. However, it's been suggested that Tim Cook and co do not want to develop too close a relationship with an arch rival.

Samsung, however, seems to have an edge over Apple when it comes to foldable smartphones. These included a tablet that folded into a smartphone and a clamshell-like handset.

As the reports of RFPCB from LG are pouring in, there is also word that LG will start manufacturing these panels in 2020.

The new iPhone X is Apple's first iPhone to come with an OLED display.

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There is rumor that Apple could bring as much as $2.6 billion in LG's new display plant, but the deal has not been finalized yet. Apple may also be planning to launch future Apple iPhones with a flexible OLED or foldable OLED didsplay.

Apple is secretly working on a revolutionary folding iPhone - which could unfold into a larger iPad-style device. The rumoured Galaxy X featuring foldable display is said to launch next year. According to Korean-sourced report, se new screens will be collapsible. In case you aren't aware, Kuo is widely regarded as a credible source for all things Apple.

We can expect this foldable display to be an OLED panel.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently made changes to their positions in the stock.

Because Apple and Samsung are two of the world's biggest manufacturers, every other smaller company would likely follow their lead, which means if they are indeed going to release their respective foldable phones, the smartphone design landscape is going to get a lot more interesting going forward. The same can be said for Samsung's own foldable phone as well.