Record-tying Hurricane Ophelia moving northeast in Atlantic


Ophelia is the tenth consecutive Atlantic tropical story to attain hurricane strength this season, the Met Office said.

A hurricane brewing over the Atlantic threatens to bring strong winds on Monday - and a mini-heatwave. However, the west coast could see gusts of up to 70mph when Ophelia hits. Forecasters say slight strengthening is possible over the next couple of days.

Ophelia is now a Category 1 hurricane.

Twenty two people died after the Great Storm hit the United Kingdom - alongside Spain and France - with hurricane-force winds across October 15 and 16 in 1987.

However, Ophelia will have weakened into a post-tropical cyclone by the time it reaches the UK.

Spacewalkers float out to lubricate robotic arm
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The storm caused damage estimated at £1billion and claimed 18 lives.

The last time so many named storms in a row became hurricanes was in 1893, he said.

In contrast the east of England could see much nicer weather, with temperatures skyrocketing as the system arrives from the tropics.

Overall, the unsettled weather looks likely to continue into Tuesday due to a separate band of low pressure, and will remain changeable throughout the rest of the week.

This could lead to high temperatures across the weekend.